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disc data storage models for SFM/Gmod :iconunconid:Unconid 18 2 [SFM DL] Brutal Legend - Eddie Riggs :iconoptimus97:Optimus97 29 7
''Progressive games''
Welcome, this is your captain speaking. Currently we are experiencing turbulences and are very likely to crash. 
If you look to your left, you'll see a cloud of angry, misgendered tumblr dwellers. On your right however you can see a peaceful cloud of Game Devs. These fuckers are about to collide for no apparent reason and we - customers/consumers/gamers - are going right trough the fucking middle. So buckle up little Timmy, you're about to see some shit.
Alright, long story short, I've been reading this article with my buddies.
It's a long story about some Xer called Hannah that got so angry at the Stardew Valley that Xe went ahead and modded the game to replace every "man" and "woman" word with "farmer", to enforce the gender-neutrality and literally save lives of those who can't sleep at night due to need to chose their gender whi
:iconmenaria:Menaria 8 13
How to easily make SFMPone clothing in Blender
Some have had issues with making clothing, but I'm going to show the easiest way to do so.
First of all, import the model of your choice:

Then, go to edit mode, and select all the triangles/verts you want to use as a part of clothing. Example below shows for pants.

After that duplicate the selection, and press P to separate the selection from the main model, it should end up with a different model for the pants. In it's current form, it'll end up with tons of Z-fighting and texture flicking, but a simple fix can do so.

Afterwards, press Shift + S, and select "Cursor to selected" and press Alt + E to Extrude with the selection "Region (Vertex Normals), now make sure shrink/flatten is in a positive integer, and it'll look like this: (Note: Shape keys do have an affect to undo this, make sure the pants model does not have shape keys)

You can t
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I've known Mythic for about a year now, she had a pretty hard start but it seems to be going good for her now.

anyway, Mythic started out knowing noting about 3D models or how they work but with help from her friends and other 3D modelers.
She learned from all the help and criticism she got and has done some good work.

Now mythic has the basic understanding of modeling with blender and the source engine*.

*Seems she can't set up eye posing or make flexes in source...yet.…

The models she makes *even tho yes they are for ponies* are fine quality

*Good mesh making
*Good UV-mapping
*good weight painting

Go give this girl a watch!

Note to Mythic from me:
"It was an honor to help you and watch you as become more then I've would have ever thought you to be.
never stop learning, never stop improving, and, never stop making 3D models."
:end of note


heads up: back up the king somba model
[DL] king Sombra by BeardedDoomGuy
I'm gonna delete him on the 27th of April.
*just copy and paste the link into you browser*

to: :icontyraka628:
I'll take that $60 your offering. :]=
Word of the day!


a person who agrees with or supports a sentiment or opinion.

Ah fuck it!

To those who come to my page to use the models for porn, Go right a head.
just give credit where credit is do.

It was inevitable anyway.

Have a day.
Zyrolex's humor is drier than the grand canyon

Zyrolex: Cancercoot
BeardedDoomGuy: still a shitty joke
Zyrolex: I know thats why I said it
BeardedDoomGuy: kill yourself kid
Zyrolex: I need money to buy some bleach
BeardedDoomGuy: GET A JOB LOSER
Zyrolex: Give me your bank account number
BeardedDoomGuy: 5147-5147-5147-5147
Zyrolex: Im 16, i wont get a job till I reach 18
Zyrolex: Whats the password?
BeardedDoomGuy: Ur3@L177l3B1tCH
updated both the Celestia and Luna files with a new models that have mirrored manes and tails.

[DL] New Overhual Princess Celestia by BeardedDoomGuy
[DL] New overhaul Princess Luna by BeardedDoomGuy

thank :icondigivee: for requesting the mirror manes and tails.


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